MacLeod Construction is based in Lochgilphead, in Argyll. We manufacture and assemble timber-frame buildings across the region, both within our own developments and for clients of all shapes and sizes, from family homes to commercial and community structures. We offer quality construction across the board.

Our business represents the perfect blend of old and new. We are firmly rooted in traditional values, but our practices are modern. Our dedication to quality construction is old fashioned, but the methods and materials we use are innovative. And our equipment may be cutting edge, but our skills and our approach hark back to an era of craftsmanship and personal service.

In around 40 years of business, we have built hundreds of homes across Argyll & Bute and beyond as well as commercial, community, health & education and industrial buildings.

We also provide a range of services:
timber frame kits for self build projects
plumbing and electrical services (Macleod Plumbing & Electrical)
windows and doors
refurbishment and joinery
– building aggregates (sand & gravel)

You can browse out new homes for sale here and see our properties to let here. We also provide our timber frame kits for self-build projects, as well as a range of other services – from windows and conservatories to solutions for eco-friendly homes.