With the rising cost of energy and a fragile environment to protect, it’s vital that we do all we can to ensure maximum efficiency of our heating systems.

We are constantly looking to provide the improvements and innovations that can offer lasting efficiency for our customers, including:

  • Air-source heating systems
  • High heat retention storage heaters
  • LED lighting

We will always look out for the next innovation too, by researching and testing new technologies as they come onto the market. Right now, one of our latest technologies is air-source heating. The Ecodan system draws in heat from the outside air (even in temperatures as low as -20°c), and for every 1kw of electricity the pumping unit uses, it could deliver up to 3kw of heating. We use these in new housing developments and also private domestic installations.

We are currently researching web-linked heating control systems which will allow users, maintenance teams or housing associations to monitor, review and control a building’s heating system remotely via a secure link on a computer, tablet or even mobile phone.

Heating & power efficiency options

Heating & power efficiency options